Little Dove Theatre Art was founded in 2006 by Artistic Director, Chenoeh Miller. Based in Canberra, Australia, the company aims to create contemporary, engaging theatrical experiences that inspire and transform its audiences. Made up of a unique ensemble of skilled and diverse artists from across Australia, Little Dove uses its geographical breadth to reach a wide range of audiences.

Little Dove’s aesthetic is based on a fusion of influences with a major focus on Butoh Dance Theatre, Live Art and Contemporary Performance. It is through the mixing genres and experimentation of form that the company has developed an ever-changing and categorically diverse array of artistic products including festivals and events.

The company’s inception was founded on the creation of Six Women Standing in Front of a White Wall when it premiered at the La Boite Theatre in Brisbane in 2006. Other productions include Six Billion Love, Battlefield, Cordelia, From This and Evangeline.